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"Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field.

I will meet you there... "


Five Element Acupuncture

In maintaining health, the energy of the five elements play a vital role.  These elements are Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal.  Each element represents a season and is connected to emotions, spirit and body.  When we are connected to our health and are aware of how we feel, we can better "pin"point (pun intended) our symptoms. 

In Acupuncture the five elements are connected to the vital energy pathways ~ meridians, within the body.  Connecting with specific points along the meridians will move the energy in a positive way. 

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What customers are saying

Acupuncture has changed my life! By maintaining acupuncture as a weekly part of my lifestyle, I am keeping myself in optimal health. I always leave my session feeling better, more centered and healthier!

~ Cora

Terre has brought a real calm and balance to my life. Not only is her technique meticulous but her demeanor is uplifting and her heart is truly authentic. I believe she's one of my biggest cheerleaders.

~ Margarita

My visits with Terre are always great ~ I'm amazed and in awe of how my body and mind respond to the practice.  It's truly incredible and has really helped me with both stress and anxiety.  Highly recommend.

~ Mary

"I love Terre she is incredible! I definitely recommend her."


"I was so nervous as a first timer and Terre made me feel so comfortable. Acupuncture has helped me so much!"


"Acupuncture with Terre has helped me a great amount with anxiety. She is so awesome. I work in Brooklyn and her office is so close to mine, which is perfect."


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